Special cables, cable systems, connectors & cable assemblies - quality that connects.

Cable assembly in the high-tech sector is the main focus of our extensive delivery program, and this already for prototype construction. We supply complete cable systems for industrial as well as military applications. In addition, we are specialists for connectors, MIL/Aero connectors and crimping pliers.

MIL-KABEL-SYSTEMS is a cable assembler as well as a distributor for various special cables, single strands, connector types, crimping tools, connectors and ready-to-install cable assemblies. We supply numerous circular connectors, end housings, rectangular connectors, crimping tools and contacts of the manufacturers DMC, Amphenol, Harting, FCI, ITT Cannon, Harwin, JST, Souriau, Molex, Veam and TE Connectivity directly from stock or we assemble them to high-quality cable harnesses. Our customers benefit from fast deliveries via our unique service. You receive ESC, VG, MIL, PAN, MS, ASNE, ABS and ESC standardized connectors, crimping tools, backshells, shrink sleeves, molded shrink parts and cables individually specialized mostly from stock Aalen or within a few days.

Our service for you

  • Pair stranding, optional for provided cores
  • Special lines on request in small quantities from 1m!
  • Optimized EMC protection by means of cable braiding
  • Construction of complex cable harnesses according to your specifications
  • Generate drawings, parts lists and documentation
  • Complete cable assembly including 100% test

Why us?

  • Own large stock
  • Fast deliveries
  • Highest quality
  • More than 24 years experience
  • Technical experts

Flat company structures enable us, with the help of customer-specific sketches, to produce special cables ready for use, including documentation.

A significantly shorter delivery time is the decisive advantage, as production already takes place in parallel with documentation. Especially for cable assembly in the military sector, a short delivery time is guaranteed by extensive warehousing. To give you an overview of our stock capacity, we have compiled this catalog for you. All products listed here are also available at short notice in small quantities from 1 m.

What is the MIL Cable Connector Service?

Your connector specialist - MIL connectors, MIL crimpers and MIL cable assemblies delivered fast. With our MIL-STECKER service, we offer fast deliveries of military and aerospace standardized connector components from Amphenol, DMC, ITT Cannon, Souriau and TE Connectivity. We are the supplier that delivers many MIL-, VG-, MS-, PAN-, ABS-, ASNE- and ESC-standardized connectors, backshells, crimping tools, molded shrink parts, heat shrink tubing and cables from stock and can also produce highly specialized MIL-cable assemblies.

We are the expert for MIL/Aero connectors and backshells from MIL standards MIL-C-24308, MIL-C-26482 I, MIL-C-26482 II, MIL-C-38999 I, MIL-C-38999 II, MIL-C-38999 III, MIL-C-38999 IV, MIL-C-5015, MIL-C-83723 III, MIL-C-85049, MS standards MS27466, MS27467, MS27468, MS27472, MS27473, MS27474, MS27484, MS27497, MS27499, MS27505, MS27508, MS27656, MS3100, MS3101, MS3102, MS3106, MS3108, MS3110, MS3111, MS3112, MS3114, MS3116, MS3120, MS3121, MS3122, MS3124, MS3126, MS3450, MS3451, MS3456, MS3459, MS3470, MS3471, MS3472, MS3474, MS3475, MS3476, the VG standards VG95234, VG95328, VG96912 and VG96918.

We supply from stock or at very short notice the Amphenol connectors JT, LJT, PT, TV, CTV, the ITT Cannon connectors KJA, KJB, KPT, KPTC, KPSE and the Souriau connectors 847, 848, 851, 8525, 8LT, 8D, 8ST and 8T. Of course, our product range also includes the matching DMC hand crimping pliers M22520/1-01, M22520/2-01, M22520/5-01, M22520/7-01, M22520/10-01, almost all press-in tools and press-out tools for MIL/Aero connectors, which we supply at attractive prices ex stock Aalen.

MIL-KABEL-SYSTEMS, for more than 24 years your specialist for cables and cable systems

MIL-KABEL-SYSTEMS, your supplier for connectors and plugs of all kinds

We are your specialist for MIL-connectors, Composite-connectors, Aero-connectors, Filter-connectors, Rectangular-connectors, Hermetic-connectors, Circular-connectors, Wir-to-Wire-, Wire-to-Board- as well as numerous other connectors. Renowned international and national customers in the railroad, marine, aerospace, industrial electronics, military and commercial sectors appreciate our timely deliveries and quality products from Amphenol, Burndy, ITT Cannon, DMC, Harwin, Harting, Intercontec, Souriau , Molex, TE Connectivity, Veam and various other top products. MIL-KABEL-SYSTEMS is your connector specialist from Aalen.

MIL-KABEL-SYSTEMS, your partner for reliable and fast cable assembly

For more than 20 years, our company has been the competent manufacturing service provider and cable assembler for high-quality customer-specific cable assemblies, military and industrial cabling, equipment manufacturing, electronic assemblies as well as housing assemblies. As a connector specialist, we supply connectors of various designs from stock. Since 1996, our countless military and industrial plugs, backshells, connectors, crimp contacts, crimping pliers, cables, solder contacts, shrink molded parts, heat shrink tubing from the manufacturers Apem, AMP, Amphenol, Binder, Berg, Burndy, Contact, Commital, Coninvers, DMC, 3M, FCI, Harting, Fischer Connectors, Hirschmann, Hirose, Hypertac, ITT Cannon, Intercontec, Lemosa, JST, Molex, Preh, Odu, Raychem, Schaltbau, Samtec, Souriau, Tyco, TE Connectivity and Veam. Our cable assemblies are used in aviation, railroads, military, marine and mechanical engineering, as well as in control, measurement and regulation technology.