CA-COM ITT Cannon connector

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CA-COM ITT Cannon connector and VG95234 connector from IIT Cannon

CA-COM connector - alternative for CA connector and MS connector
CA-COM ITT Cannon connectors from stock, this you can find at MIL-KABEL-SYSTEMS. Amphenol and ITT Cannon offer MS, VG95234 and MIL-DTL-5015 connectors. ITT Cannon offers from these MIL standards identical and mating compatible alternatives as CA connectors for military and industry, as well as identical and also mating compatible CA-COM connectors for industrial electronics. Almost all pole patterns of the MS, VG95234 and MIL-DTL-5015, CA and CA-COM connectors are identical. Part numbers start with CA00-COM-E and CA02-COM-E for the flange receptacles, CA01-COM-E for the cable couplers, CA06-COM-E- for the cable connectors. MIL-KABEL-SYSTEMS also stands for fast deliveries of the connectors MS3100, MS3101, MS3102, MS3106 and MS3108 from the MIL standard MIL-C-5015 resp. MIL-DTL-5015. The connectors according to MIL-C-5015 resp. MIL-DTL-5015 include besides the MS3100, MS3101, MS3102, MS3106 and MS3108 connectors also the VG95234 connectors, CA connectors and the CA-COM connectors. MS3100-MS3108 connectors are available only with olive-green finish, solder termination and screw locking. On the other hand, VG95234 connectors are also available only with olive-green finish, crimp termination, but screw locking and bayonet locking. Connectors according to the standards MS3100, MS3101, MS3102, MS3106 and MS3108 and VG95234 in special versions must be ordered as CA connectors or as CA-COM connectors. CA connectors are always available with olive green finish only, CA-COM connectors are available with nickel plated finish only. MIL-KABEL-SYSTEMS also supplies the CA connectors and the CA-COM connectors quickly.

VG95234 connectors have reverse bayonet locking, are waterproof, wear and vibration resistant. They have the same mounting dimensions and pole arrangements as connectors according to MIL-C-5015. If modifications are required for connectors according to VG95234, such as other surfaces, contact designs or end housings, the order number starts with CA.

Series and standards
MIL standard: VG95234, MIL-DTL-5015, MS3100-MS3108
CA, CA-COM series
Number of contacts: 1 to 52 poles

ITT Cannon

Areas of application
Mechanical engineering, plant engineering, measurement technology

Controls, robots, mechanical engineering,

Crimping tools for VG95234 connectors from stock
The crimp contacts are processed with the crimping tool M22520/1-01 / AF8 and the positioner M22520/1-06. MIL-KABEL-SYSTEMS supplies the crimping tool M22520/1-01 and also the crimping insert / positioner M22520/1-06 from stock.

Heat shrinkable molded parts for VG95234 connectors from stock
For shrinking onto the housing terminations of the VG95234 connectors, we recommend the following heat-shrinkable molded parts according to VG95343 from the manufacturer Tyco/Raychem from the 202K (straight) or 222K (angled) series. MIL-KABEL-SYSTEMS delivers these heat shrinkable molded parts with and without hot melt adhesive from stock or within 48 hours.

Typical order number
Cable connector VG95234M18-1S, VG95234A10SL-3S, VG95234A10SL-4S, VG95234M32-7P, MS3106E14S-6S, MS3106E20-29S, CA06COM-E-10SL-3S, CA06-COM-E-20-27S, CA3106F36-5-F80
Flange socket VG95234A18-1P, VG95234A18-1S, VG95234A10SL-3P, VG95234A10SL-4P, VG95234A32-7S, MS3102E14S-6S, MS3102E20-29S, CA02-COM-E-E10SL-3S, CA02-COM-E-20-27S, CA3102E36-5-F80
Cable coupling VG95234F18-1S, VG95234F10SL-3S, VG95234F10SL-4S, VG95234F32-7P, MS3101E14S-6P, MS3101E20-29S, CA01-COM-E-E10SL-3S, CA01COM-E-20-27S, CA3101E36-5-F80

Delivery time
from stock or at short notice

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