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As an experienced as well as certified expert in cable assembly, we at MIL-Kabel-Systems offer customized solutions for any application.

Industrial plant

In both the industrial and military/defense sectors, our main focus is on the assembly of cable systems in the high-tech sector, where a wide range of complex requirements must be taken into account even during the construction of prototypes. Thanks to our experience, we are able to fully meet your requirements and guarantee high quality and short delivery times.

Concept and procedure the cable assembly

The Cable assemblyalso referred to as cable assembly, describes the manufacturing process, at the end of which ready-to-connect, ready-to-use cables, cable harnesses, cable bundles or entire cable harnesses are ready. This process involves several steps that vary depending on the desired end product and subsequent area of application. As a rule, a Cable assembler proceed as follows:

  • The components are selected according to the electrical requirements, taking into account, among other things, the size and material of the conductor.

  • The cables are cut to the appropriate length and the ends are stripped and the individual wires are stripped.

  • Components required for the application, such as plugs, connectors, contacts and ferrules are assembled.

  • The assembled cable is checked for functionality and compliance with the specifications.

  • This is followed by packaging and shipping to make the final products available to the customer.

Along this process, which is carried out by experienced staff, we use the latest technologies and tools, to ensure that each end product meets the customer's requirements and operates reliably.

Application areas assembled cables and wires

Cable connections are used in almost all electronic devices, machines and systems, where they transmit energy and signals - both within the system and via an external connection. Therefore, cables and wires are the basis for the globally advancing networking and it is impossible to imagine modern life as we know it today without them.

The application of assembled cables and wires is therefore very versatile and covers a wide range of applications. Some industries in which professional cable assembly for the operation, control and automation of plants and machines are the following:

  • Automotive industry: engines, brakes, lighting, navigation, ...
  • Entertainment industry: computers, smartphones, game consoles, TVs, ...
  • Energy sector: wind turbines, distribution grids, ...
  • Aerospace: aircraft, rockets, satellites, ...
  • Medical technology: cardiac monitors, ventilators, ...
  • Mechanical engineering: production lines, conveyors, robot systems, CNC machines, ...
  • Military and defense: Radar technology, navigation, early warning systems, control equipment, ...
  • and many other industries

Connectable cables, cable systems and cable harnesses are used in a wide variety of industrial as well as military applications, where they have a long service life across, under difficult conditionsmust function reliably. At the same time, depending on the specific area of application, special requirements are placed on the electrical or information technology components, which makes customized solutions in cable assembly necessary!

Customized cable assembly for individual requirements

Although assembled cables and wires are available in many standardized versions, these rarely meet the high requirements of the most diverse areas of application. For this reason, companies from the industrial and military sectors also rely on the individual packing. In order to develop and assemble the components ready for connection in a product- or customer-specific manner, the following aspects, among others, must be taken into account:

  • Cable length, weight and bending radius
  • Insulation and sheathing materials
  • Strain relief as mechanical protection for flexible cables
  • Type of current or voltage
  • Utilization rate and expected wear
  • Temperature profile of the application area
  • Required media resistance (e.g. against water, oils, chemicals)
  • Mountability and troubleshooting

Since errors in cable assembly can be accompanied by serious consequences for functionality and therefore the need for expensive modifications, precise planning is of great importance. Often, especially in the case of very complex applications and systems, three-dimensional design is carried out using a CAD program to ensure the ideal fit of all components.

To ensure that cables, cable systems and cable harnesses are properly integrated into a system, cable assembly requires a high degree of precision, reliability and comprehensive technical knowledge. As an experienced Cable assembler from Germany we at MIL-Kabel-Systems are the right partner to meet your requirements quickly and with high quality standards.

Our Product portfolio in the field of cable assembly

You are looking for a qualified and certified partnerwho already supports them in the development of the prototypes with words and deeds? Then you are right with us!

This includes not only the execution of the documentation, i.e. drawings and preparation of parts lists, but also the stranding of the cable harnesses and procurement of the materials, if these are not provided by you. Take advantage of our experience and our in-depth knowledge in the cable assembly and benefit from our fast delivery times and our extensive offer - which includes these areas among others:

Cable assembly from Germany with the highest quality standards

Whether Military, naval or industrial - Across all industries, high and, depending on the area of application, very different requirements are placed on the required assembled cables and wires. Our company therefore offers since over 25 years Solutions in the field of cable assembly in the high-tech sector, which includes single pieces, prototypes and test system cables.

But not only cable assembly with 100% testing included is one of our core competencies - as a partner for complete cable systems we are also experts in cable assembly, special cables, connectors and many other areas. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on our products and work with you to find the right cable assembly solution for your requirements. Simply get in touch with us!