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M23 signal connectors from Intercontec

MIL-KABEL-SYSTEMS supplies Intercontec M23 signal connectors usually from stock or very promptly. The high quality signal circular connectors M23 are characterized by EMC protection, vibration resistance and tightness. Therefore, M23 connectors are mainly used in drive technology and mechanical engineering as safe connections between electrical drives and control units. We supply the signal connectors M23 for the transmission of data and signals as cable plug, flange socket, angle plug, angle socket, coupling and coupling with central fixing as well as coupling with flange fixing. Flange sockets, cable plugs and couplings are optionally equipped with female contacts for crimping and soldering or with male contacts for crimping or soldering. Turned contacts as well as stamped / rolled contacts are available. The common versions with 6, 7, 8+1, 9, 12, 16 and 19 poles are available at short notice. In addition, we offer the M23 connectors with a quick locking system to save time and robust plastic overmolding.

Cable assembler for signal connectors
As a cable assembler MIL-KABEL-SYSTEMS has assembled countless M23 signal connectors from Amphenol, Contact, Hummel, Hypertac, Intercontec and Phoenix Contact with round cables and single strands for many years. Based on our own experience in cable assembly with these connectors, we recommend the M23 connectors from Intercontec and Phoenix Contact. High product quality and easy handling during processing are the decisive arguments for this.

Manufacturer M23 Connector
Amphenol, Contact, Hummel, Hypertac, Intercontec, Phoenix Contact

Applications M23 Signal Connector
M23 signal connectors are used in drive technology, automation, railroad, aerospace, chemical industry, mechanical engineering, and medical technology.

Applications M23 connectors and cable assemblies with M23 connectors:
M23 connectors are particularly popular on measuring devices, control units, encoders, motors and machine tools.

Crimping Pliers for M23 connectors
MIL-KABEL-SYSTEMS supplies for the crimping pliers M22520/1-01 and M22520/7-01f for the assembly of the M23 connectors at special prices from stock

Cable assemblies with M23 connectors:
Are you looking for a cable assembler who supplies you with M23 connectors and cables as finished cable assemblies? Then you are right with us! We are the cable assembler with almost 20 years of experience and manufacture cable assemblies according to your requirements with different M23 signal connectors and cables.

Let's talk about your requirements! We support you with our know-how!