MIL–KABEL–SYSTEMS – the fast supplier of military circular connectors

With its MILITARY CONNECTOR EXPRESS Service MIL–KABEL–SYSTEMS is the outstanding specialist for fast deliveries of circular connectors for applications in the military, the aviation and in the manufacturing industry. Warehousing and short term supplies of military circular connectors, providing the most different articles and standards, belong to our particular strengths. Regardless of whether you are buying a single piece, small batches, or whether you are purchasing even for a large-scale production. In order to secure our highest quality standards we prefer the connectors of the market leaders, such as Amphenol, ITT Cannon and Souriau.


Military Standard

MIL-C-22520, MIL-C-24308, MIL-C-26482 I, MIL-C-26482 II, MIL-C-38999 I, MIL-C-38999 II, MIL-C-38999 III, MIL-C-38999 IV, MIL-C-5015, MIL-I-81969, MIL-C-83723 III


MS27466, MS27467, MS27468, MS27472, MS27473, MS27474, MS27484, MS27497, MS27499, MS27505, MS27508, MS27656, MS3100, MS3101, MS3102, MS3106, MS3108, MS3110, MS3111, MS3112, MS3114, MS3116, MS3120, MS3121, MS3122, MS3124, MS3126, MS3450, MS3451, MS3456, MS3459, MS3470, MS3471, MS3472, MS3474, MS3475, MS3476

VG Standard

VG95234, VG95328, VG96912, VG96918

Manufacturer Standard

Amphenol: JT, LJT, PT; TV / CTV
ITT Cannon: KPT / KPSE
Souriau: 847, 851, 8525, 8LT, 8D, 8T