MIL-KABEL-SYSTEMS is an innovative manufacturer and supplier providing excellent quality and outstanding solutions in special cables, harnesses and custom-made design cable assemblies in the aviation, defense and high-tech sector.

For more than 20 years we have been a reliable and sought-after partner when it comes to special applications in individual quantities and small series. As experienced specialists we support you with comprehensive services in the area of sample and prototype production, creation of layouts, parts lists and drawings. Very short delivery times are enabled by a warehouse especially designed for cable assembly as well as cable production parallel to the creation of documentation.

    Why we?

  • Own large stocks
  • Fast deliveries
  • Highest quality
  • 25 years of experience
  • Technical experts

What includes MIL-Connector-Service?

Our special strength being the quick deliveries of military and avionic connecting components from Amphenol, DMC, ITT Cannon, Souriau und TE Connectivity. We are one completely to few suppliers, who many MIL-, VG-, MS-, PAN-, ABS-, ASNE- and ESC-connectors, Backshells, crimping tools, moulded parts, shrinking tubes and cable delivers from stock and also can produce out of this highly special cable assemblies.

We are the expert for MIL / Aero connectors und Backshells from the Military-Norms MIL-C-24308, MIL-C-26482 I, MIL-C-26482 II, MIL-C-38999 I, MIL-C-38999 II, MIL-C-38999 III, MIL-C-38999 IV, MIL-C-5015, MIL-C-83723 III, MIL-C-85049, the MS-Norms MS27466, MS27467, MS27468, MS27472, MS27473, MS27474, MS27484 , MS27497, MS27499, MS27505, MS27508, MS27656, MS3100, MS3101, MS3102, MS3106, MS3108, MS3110, MS3111, MS3112, MS3114, MS3116, MS3120, MS3121, MS3122, MS3124, MS3126, MS3450, MS3451, MS3456, MS3459, MS3470 , MS3471, MS3472, MS3474, MS3475, MS3476, the VG-Norms VG95234, VG95328, VG96912 und VG96918.

We deliver from stock or very at short notice the Amphenol-connectors JT, LJT, PT, TV / CTV, the ITT Cannon-connectors KPT, KPSE and the Souriau-connectors 847, 848, 851, 8525, 8LT, 8D, 8ST und 8T. Of course the fitting ones also belong to our assortment the Handcrimping Pliers M22520/1-01, M22520/2-01, M22520/5-01, M22520 /7-01 und M22520/10-01 we deliver for attractive prices from stock Dusseldorf.

MIL–KABEL–SYSTEMS, your cable manufacturer since 25 years

MIL–KABEL–SYSTEMS, the fast cable assembly
We are the competent cable harness manufacturer and manufacturing service provider for high-quality customized cable assemblies, industrial and military wiring, electronic components, hardware, housing assembly, since 25 years. During this time, we produced numerous industrial and military connectors, backshells, crimp contacts, crimping pliers, solder contacts, cables, heat shrink tubing, shrink form parts of manufacturers AMP, Apem, Amphenol, Berg, Bernier, Binder, Burndy, Commital, Contact, Coninvers, 3M, DMC, FCI, Fischer Connectors, Harting, Hirose, Hypertac, Intercontec, ITT Cannon, JST, Lemosa, Molex, Odu, Preh, Raychem, Samtec, Souriau, TE Connectivity, Tyco and Veam. Our cable assemblies are used in the areas of railway, aviation, military, marine, general engineering, measurement and control technology.

MIL–KABEL–SYSTEMS, the connector specialist
We are the specialist for aero connectors, composite connectors, filter connectors, hermetic connectors, MIL connectors, rectangular connectors, circular connectors, wire-to-board, wire-to-wire connectors and many other connectors. Renowned national and international customers in the fields of aviation and aerospace, military, railway, marine, industrial electronics and trade build on our fast deliveries and the quality products of Amphenol, Bernier, Burndy, DMC, Harting, Harwin, Intercontec, ITT Cannon, Molex, Souriau, TE Connectivity, Veam, and other market leaders.

MIL–KABEL–SYSTEMS, the expert for crimping tools
We are the specialist for almost all manual crimping pliers, pneumatic crimping pliers, positioners, insertion and extraction tools for the professional processing of military, aviation-standardized and manufacturer-specific crimp contacts. We supply MIL crimping tools and other crimping tools of the leading connector manufacturers, from stock or very quickly.